what is air bubble roll

Air Bubble Roll, also known as bubble wrap, is a versatile packaging material widely used for protecting delicate and fragile items during transit or storage.  It consists of a continuous roll of plastic film with regularly spaced air-filled bubbles trapped between two layers.  These air bubbles act as a cushioning barrier that absorbs shock and impact, preventing damage caused by rough handling or accidental drops.

The design of気泡ロールprovides superior protection by distributing pressure evenly across the surface, reducing the risk of breakage or surface scratches.  Its lightweight and flexible nature make it easy to wrap around objects of various shapes and sizes, ensuring a secure fit.  Additionally, the transparent film allows for easy visibility and identification of packaged items.

Air Bubble Roll offers numerous benefits in various industries, including e-commerce, electronics, glassware, and furniture.  Its cost-effectiveness, recyclability, and ease of use make it a preferred choice for businesses and individuals alike.  Whether shipping delicate products or moving fragile belongings, Air Bubble Roll provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring items arrive intact and undamaged.




私たちは大きな容量、インフレ容量を持っています 10 日あたり。製袋能力は1日あたり3000ロール以上、毎日の機械生産は1日あたり100個です。私たちの倉庫には大量の在庫があり、通常のサイズで1〜2日で納期を提供できます。


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私たちは中国のクッション包装材料のメーカーの専門家であり、40000平方メートルのワークショップエリアがあります。20セット以上のソフトパッケージ実験設備を備えており、ドイツから輸入された20セット以上のソフトパッケージ実験装置があり、ラボはISO 17025/cnas国際研究所に合格しています


Our air bubble roll is customizable

I am an気泡ロールmanufacturer, and I take pride in offering customizable Air Bubble Roll solutions. Our company understands that each customer has unique packaging needs, and we are dedicated to meeting those requirements with our versatile products.

At our manufacturing facility, we employ advanced technology and high-quality materials to produce Air Bubble Rolls that offer exceptional cushioning and protection. Our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their specific packaging challenges and develop tailored solutions.

One of the key advantages of choosing our Air Bubble Roll is the ability to customize it according to your specifications. Whether you need a specific bubble size, roll width, or length, we can accommodate your requirements. We offer various bubble sizes to cater to different levels of protection needed for delicate items.

Moreover, we provide options for selecting the thickness and composition of the plastic film used in the Air Bubble Roll. This ensures that the packaging meets your desired durability and sustainability goals. We are committed to offering eco-friendly solutions, and our Air Bubble Rolls are recyclable, reducing the environmental impact.

Our dedicated team of professionals guides you through the entire customization process, from conceptualization to production. We provide samples for evaluation and conduct rigorous quality checks to ensure that every batch of Air Bubble Roll meets our stringent standards.

By choosing our customizable Air Bubble Roll, you gain a competitive edge in the market. It allows you to package your products securely, protecting them from potential damage during transit or storage. The tailored packaging not only enhances product safety but also helps in brand differentiation, making your products stand out on store shelves.

As an Air Bubble Roll manufacturer, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to deliver innovative and reliable packaging solutions. With our commitment to customization, we ensure that your specific packaging needs are met effectively. Trust us to provide you with Air Bubble Roll that offers superior protection and peace of mind for your valuable products.







私はそれを操作する方法がわかりません、売り手は迅速で優れたカスタマーサービスを提供しました、私たちは私にステップバイステップで教えるためのリアルタイムのビデオを持っています。5つ星 :)機械はうまく動作します。

それはしばらくの間使用されており、完全に正常に動作し、フィルムジャムやその他の障害はありませんでした。また、電圧は110Vをサポートするだけでなく、220Vにも対応しています。 広い電圧で100〜240V互換の設定。互換性のない電圧のために燃焼することを心配する必要はもうありません!これは非常に良いアップデートです。そして、あなたはあなたの地域に対応するプラグを交換するために売り手に連絡することができます、もうプラグコンバーターを必要としません



Air Bubble Roll finds wide application in industries such as e-commerce, electronics, glassware, furniture, and more, where protection of delicate items is crucial.

Air Bubble Roll is preferred due to its cost-effectiveness, recyclability, ease of use, and ability to provide reliable cushioning and protection for various shapes and sizes of items.

Air Bubble Roll protects fragile items by utilizing the air-filled bubbles to absorb shock and impact, minimizing the risk of damage during transit or storage.

Yes, Air Bubble Roll can be reused in many instances, making it an environmentally friendly packaging option that reduces waste and promotes sustainability.


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Today, with the increasing rise of e-commerce, the majority of merchants have chosen a new type of logistics buffer filling material with strong protective properties, air bubble film as a packaging material.